Mara Protich began riding at the young age of two and a half on the families’ adopted of the track Thoroughbred, Royal Opposition. On that on the back of that horse is where she would spend most of her early childhood. At nine, she then started riding a Tennessee Walking Horse all over the countryside. Fast forward to adulthood, after an 18 year career in retail management as a regional, and limited time in the saddle, it was time to ride again.

Starting where she left off with a black Tennessee Walking Horse she called Bourbon, she rode trails for hours nearly daily, worked as a barn manager and volunteer coordinator of the Premier Therapeutic Riding Center, The Cheff Center for TR in Michigan.

With so many avenues to explore with the diversity disciplines in the horse world, Mara immersed herself into all types of equine educational pursuits. From the healing powers in the therapeutic arena and hippotherapy to recreational and competitive trail riding for hours, she had the desire and the opportunity to make horses her life’s work. Seeking guidance and education through clinics and lessons with world renowned clinicians like Julie Goodnight, Linda and Pat Parelli, Leslie Desmond, Donna Snyder-Smith, Sterling Graburn and many other excellent trainers and horsemen her knowledge base increased. Riding the horses that no one wanted, or dared to ride and seeking to identify issues that arose with her own horse led her to dig deeper. She has learned to listen to the horse and evaluate the relationship between horse and human. These concepts have allowed her to uncover some basic misconceptions with our relationships with horses and their need to be understood from their perspective.

Riding anything from Arabs to draft crosses in a wide variety of styles from saddleseat to bareback, participating in showing trail riding to fox hunting, she is diversified in many aspects of riding. She enjoys starting young horses to putting finishing touches on older horses. Her experience and knowledge base grows constantly. Her main focus is on communication between horse and rider. She feels that building relationships on the ground that translate to work in the saddle are the key to successful horsemanship. She believes that by adding technical skills to these basic prerequisites one is enabled to truly achieve a willing and respected partnership.

Mara lives in Granville, Ohio with her Standard Poodle, Mousse. She keeps company with her Arabian Horse, Aminah, American Saddlebred, Zing, and National Showhorse, Nightro. Mara is focused on learning, education and teaching and brings clinics, workshops and educational opportunities to benefit all equestrians to the area. She is actively teaching horses and humans to enjoy each other and is available for private and group lessons to suit your needs.

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