Monthly Archives: June 2013

Training Zing

I am 5 years old. I am learning new things about riding with my best friend, Lauren. I wonder why each time we ride it seems like it takes more and more of my time from the pasture. I do not mind being gone, I wait for someone to come by the field so I can greet them and give them a hug or eat grain. It gets pretty boring out in the pasture and I would rather do something. It is awesome that Lauren grooms me and plays games with me. I am learning so much.

Sometimes I act really calm and sometimes I have so much energy I feel like jumping around and being wild. Lauren knows how I am. She loves me anyway. No matter what I do to share my excitement with her, she just smiles and laughs and talks to me in her calm voice. I really want her to get excited, too so without thinking, I bit her. Boy, was that a big mistake.