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aaaRiding L and C
Growing up with lots of friends is very important when you are a horse. I have a couple of  best friends. We ride out and explore the big woods. I also have company with whom I just hang around the paddock.

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It has been particularily important in my life to grow up with people who love and nurture my spirit, engage me in play and allow me to question and explore. I know when people don’t like me and I don’t try to pretend I like them. It isn’t because I am mean, I just know in my heart that we just don’t see eye to eye.


Photo Credit: John McKean, MVH

Sometimes my mom rides other horses. This just infuriates me. I jump in the air and get really jealous. I can’t help it, I want her to give me all the attention. I will try hard to be able to do the things she wants to do and learn new concepts because I really want to be with my people. Besides, it looks like lots of fun to gallop everywhere, jump and race with lots of excited horses and hounds. I could really get into that game, someday.

I have some really great people with whom I can have great adventures on the trails. If we go with my horse friends, I can get really excited and competitive. Some of the best rides are with my friend Lauren. We go alone in the woods and she reassures me at every step. I go willingly and cautiously but I am not afraid. My friend is with me every step of the way

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Everyone should be a friend to have a friend; that is how this relationship thing works best. Here’s to all those good people that realize I have feelings and emotions, too. Your kindness warms my heart. Together, we can go anywhere and do everything.