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Training Zing

I am 5 years old. I am learning new things about riding with my best friend, Lauren. I wonder why each time we ride it seems like it takes more and more of my time from the pasture. I do not mind being gone, I wait for someone to come by the field so I can greet them and give them a hug or eat grain. It gets pretty boring out in the pasture and I would rather do something. It is awesome that Lauren grooms me and plays games with me. I am learning so much.

Sometimes I act really calm and sometimes I have so much energy I feel like jumping around and being wild. Lauren knows how I am. She loves me anyway. No matter what I do to share my excitement with her, she just smiles and laughs and talks to me in her calm voice. I really want her to get excited, too so without thinking, I bit her. Boy, was that a big mistake.




aaaRiding L and C
Growing up with lots of friends is very important when you are a horse. I have a couple of  best friends. We ride out and explore the big woods. I also have company with whom I just hang around the paddock.

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It has been particularily important in my life to grow up with people who love and nurture my spirit, engage me in play and allow me to question and explore. I know when people don’t like me and I don’t try to pretend I like them. It isn’t because I am mean, I just know in my heart that we just don’t see eye to eye.


Photo Credit: John McKean, MVH

Sometimes my mom rides other horses. This just infuriates me. I jump in the air and get really jealous. I can’t help it, I want her to give me all the attention. I will try hard to be able to do the things she wants to do and learn new concepts because I really want to be with my people. Besides, it looks like lots of fun to gallop everywhere, jump and race with lots of excited horses and hounds. I could really get into that game, someday.

I have some really great people with whom I can have great adventures on the trails. If we go with my horse friends, I can get really excited and competitive. Some of the best rides are with my friend Lauren. We go alone in the woods and she reassures me at every step. I go willingly and cautiously but I am not afraid. My friend is with me every step of the way

droidx 1534.

Everyone should be a friend to have a friend; that is how this relationship thing works best. Here’s to all those good people that realize I have feelings and emotions, too. Your kindness warms my heart. Together, we can go anywhere and do everything.

Shiny Zing

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When I was a young filly, the person my mom calls my “breeder” used to shake an aluminum pie pan at me. She rattled it around and I would run wildly, which pleased her immensely. All I really wanted to do was snuggle with someone, eat and be rubbed all over. My breeder did not approve of that. She said I was spoiled. I am an American Saddlebred. I am supposed to be hot, excitable and trot big with my knees in the air and my head and tail held high.

ShaZing (1)

When my mom came to see me, before she was my mom, my breeder got out the pie pan from the chest. She shook it vigorously. It rattled and hissed and banged and flashed in the lights. I ran for a minute then went to the middle of the arena and stood behind this new person to hide. I peeked out from behind her shoulder at my breeder. The next day, I was at my new mom’s farm on Rumor’s Hill with new friends. We share hay and hang around.

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If someone shakes a shiny, noisy thing at you, your eyes may bug out a bit and your senses may go wild and you may feel like running for a moment. Just remember to use your resources and find a friend and they will help you relax and get through the crazy event with poise and composure.

Shiny things are exciting but a friend is someone you can count on to help you through your worries, share adventures, just hang around, snooze after breakfast and enjoy each others company.

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